mbt produce

M.B.T. Agricultural Marketing Services

Value Added Business

  1. Primus Labs - insure safe food
  2. Gap Programs - Good Agricultural Practices
  3. Track product going in the ground
    1. # of Acres - Dates planted, dates harvested
    2. Expected tonnage per acre
  4. Certificate of Analysis provided with every shipment
    1. visual inspection of potatoes indicates they are free of any foreign material
    2. The trailer is well vented and free of any foreign material and odors
    3. Specific gravity
    4. Color
    5. External defects, mech.,bruising, etc.
    6. Internal defects, hollow heart, heat necrosis, etc.
    7. Pulp temperature
  5. Logistic Services
    1. Make sure equipment is safe and reliable to accommodate and fit customer needs
    2. Make sure equipment shows up at shipping location in timely fashion and delivers to customer on time via driver direct communication.
  6. Weather - Continually monitoring weather conditions to proactively route on time pick up and deliveries

* Customer wants direct access to production (grower).
* Good Seed - First step to good product!
* Always trying new seed varieties to improve product.

Must obtain knowledge in Production, Transportation, & Customer Service. Stay on cutting edge.

Consider Ourselves as an Outsource Marketing Service.